Friday, 24 February 2017

Beddington Farm - Glaucous Gull still present!

I spent yesterday morning in the hide with Devilbirder as storm Doris tore its way across the country. The juv Glaucous Gull made an appearance on the North Lake along with Caspian Gull. I concentrated on the numerous Black headed Gulls in hope of nailing a Med Gull which are extremely rare at the Farm this year with only one sighting so far.

I was back at a much calmer Farm today with the ringing team who processed a reasonable number of new birds with Greenfinch, Goldfinch and Stonechat being firsts for my very short list of rung birds. I travel light on a ringing day therefore the gulls did not get a great deal of attention. Frankly I was glad to have a break from them!!

The Glaucous Gull did however make an extended appearance on the lake and was visible from the gates as it swam around in the area of the small raft. This bird is different to the darker beast we had on the Farm earlier on in the year. It did appear to have some black in the outer primaries but was this shadow or just some Beddington muck!

Shelduck numbers are still around the 5 – 6 mark and a couple of Egyptian and Greylag Geese made an appearance. 

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