Monday, 6 February 2017

Surrey VC - Report of Cattle Egret!

I have been wrapped up with the FA Cup success of my home town soccer team Sutton Utd and have been helping out delivering leaflets and the like. This has pushed the birding to one side until late Sunday afternoon when news of a Cattle Egret broke at a site which is literally down the road from my home. This morning I was up at stupid o clock and made the short journey to Green Lane Stables which is on the Worcester / Motspur Park boundary.

I was joined by Shaun Ferguson (who stopped off before work) and Devilbirder and the search for the bird began. Some thirty four species later which included a Peregrine and a Sparrowhawk and the bird was no-where to be seen. I was soon to be the last man standing continuing on leaving at midday.

I decided to return to the site at 1600hrs which was around the time the bird had been found the previous evening. The Egret was present but it was a Little Egret. This was confirmed with the finder as the same bird as the day before. Fair play to him for clarifying the record as I’m sure many would have attempted to bluff it out?! Hands up who has never made an id error? Exactly!

The site itself has plenty of potential with a mix of habitats from a wetland area with boardwalks situated within The Hamptons housing to open fields and pasture where the horses exercise. A small woodland area with scrub between it and a school also looked good for migrants come spring. Motspur park recreational park is beyond these fields.

A day that has given me food for thought for spring and autumn!!

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