Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Spain - Call That A Nest!

Today was the start of my birding adventure to Spain. I was awake and on my way to Gatwick airport at stupid o clock and before I had closed my eyes during the Easyjet flight I was in Madrid. I bottled conversing in Spanish over upgrading the hire car to unlimited mileage (I had worked out I was going to notch up considerably more miles than the 2300km allocation) full CDW and a tank of fuel was thrown in as part of the deal and off I went!

The first species on my trip list went once again to the House Sparrow they are everywhere! Second up was a Chiffchaff that was singing in a tree at the back of the hire car centre and a Magpie took the bronze medal soon after!

Once on the main highway the first thing that struck me was the enormity of the landscape and how picturesque it was. I likened the journey to my Scottish adventure which also took place on clear roads allowing time to appreciate my surroundings.

I saw a good few Kites as I made my way to my accommodation. I stopped off a couple of times en route to take in a few birds which included Spotless Starling, Red Chough, Calandra Lark, Green Sandpiper and Little Ringed Plover.

I arrived at the Hosteria del Mudejar in Velayos and was greeted by Christina which proved to be a testing time for my Spanish but she was patient with me! I took the opportunity to get fed and watered and to take in the nesting White Stork on the Church roof before taking a drive to Avila.

I am not a great one for touring historical sites but the sight of the Castle Walls as I approached Avila was truly spectacular. Unfortunately there were not many places to stop but I took a quick picture break but this photo does not do the place justice! Note to self: Spend an hour there before I leave for Trujillo!

Travel days are always tiring but I have had a taste of what is to come in this amazing country!

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