Friday, 17 March 2017

Spain - Donana and Everywhere - WIld Duck Chase!

I have spent the last couple of days on a wild duck hunt Marbled Teal to be exact with Red-Knobbed Coot as a fall back. I have not been successful on either front despite visiting several sites and caking the car in dust and all sorts!

At Brazo del Este today I added Collared Pratincole, Caspian Tern (a favourite of mine), Great Reed Warbler and Ruff. I have heard Savi’s Warbler but have failed to see one despite a stake out. Life birds need to be seen to go on my list!

Along the way I have seen thousands of ducks and a host of other species including two Owls Tawny and Short Eared (That’s how late I’m staying out). Yesterday evening was very calm which gave me a good opportunity to sift through the ducks and coots. I took advantage of the Herons that had put themselves on sentry duty on fence posts. The Squacco at Donana was a favourite. I saw Common Crane on the move and a chirpy and visual Reed Warbler. Shame the Savi’s does not oblige in the same way!

I then bumped into a group of Black Crowned Night Heron further down the track. Black Kites are everywhere not sight or sound of Red unlike earlier in the week. The number of birds never ceases to fail to amaze me. I am glad I don’t have to survey this lot!

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