Saturday, 11 March 2017

Spain - Extremadura - Saludo a las aves de Extremadura!

Today I took on the Thekla challenge so I took myself off to an area which had hills ploughed fields, rocks, orchards and anything else the books say is Thekla country. The road to Campo Lugar looked a good prospect and was about a twenty min drive from Trujillo.
I stopped in every area where there were larks present and all potential candidates were photographed. I happened across a male Wheatear in the process. Both Crested (below) and Thekla (above) were present in some places which meant I had to be on my game in the photo department.

The result after several hours searching was I photographed both species and finally nailed Thekla Lark which is smaller and has thicker clearer black striping on the breast. The bill is shorter with no curve in the upper mandible.

Having achieved my goal I decided to find a nice spot on a side road and have lunch and chillax for a couple of hours. I picked a spot near a cattle watering hole which had White Stork, Cuckoo, Zitting Cisticola and the larks to keep me company. Overhead I was entertained by Red and Black Kite, and Raven.

My journey in Extremadura has come to an end having recorded just short of one hunded and ten species. Tomorrow I head for Seville and Donana where I hope to continue this amazing journey and see a few birds along the way!

Thanks Extremadura this has been a wonderful experience!

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