Saturday, 1 April 2017

Beddington Farm - The Campaign Ahead!

Having landed back in the UK I have hatched a plan to concentrate my efforts on Beddington Farm over the next six weeks. There will be excursions for Surrey Vice County megas and some BTO survey work but apart from that the Farm will be where I am at.

I have now completed four days missing the Common Crane due to strange klunking noises on the “Kojemobile” which turned out to be rust on the discs of the car. Plenty of hi tech engineering just don’t leave it on the drive for too long! Fortunately I have seen a couple of Crane at the Farm!

There have been a few Red Kites and Buzzard but I have not connected with a Marsh Harrier and we all await the first Osprey of the year. Waxwing still elude me but they are usually flyovers so hopefully I will get lucky!

Pete Alfrey’s company Little Oak have been working on the North Lake and this is looking good to draw in waders. Little Ring Plover, and a Redshank have taken the bait so far. New Barn Owl boxes have also been placed around the Farm. The Beddington Park Mandarin Duck which was a plumage tick for me has also spent a night at the Farm.

Seventy one species were recorded today including an Iceland Gull, Ringed Plover, a couple of Green Sandpiper, Water Pipit and our almost daily dose of Red Kite and Buzzard.

Swifty is on standby to give counselling should the going get too tough over the next few weeks but my only thoughts are wondering what tomorrow will bring!


  1. Good stuff, Koje - see you for ringing after I'm back on 12th. 14th is looking on the cards.

    1. A MEGA in the nets would be grand!