Saturday, 22 April 2017

Beddington Farm - Migrating Med Gulls!

The weather today was looking allot more favourable for some more migratory action at the Farm! The day started very slowly but the low cloud was creeping in on a NW to N breeze. The corner was particularly chilly. Glen had a few Yellow Wagtail and a male Wheatear on the mound behind my position. A Water Pipit was found on the lagoons.
Even my crazy soul eventually succumbed to the elements and I took a short walk down the hill to join Glen and Swifty in slightly warmer climes. The action certainly got the blood pumping with three small groups of Med Gulls migrating N over the North Lake. The largest was a group of ten birds and seven and four made up the total of twenty one.

This was the second days movement of this species with a total of thirty nine birds who were all in a big rush to migrate N. A second Swift of the year along with double figure House Martin, Swallow and Sand Martin made up the mornings hall of species!

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  1. Beautifully taken photo, loved the formation. What I like about birds is that they travel in a standard formation and are example for us humans.