Monday, 24 April 2017

Beddington Farm - Glaucous Gull in the Frame!

Today turned out to be the longest day so far in my spring migration watch at Beddington Farm. A meagre thirteen hours spent on site with conditions looking more favourable than the final outcome! I was greeted on site by nine Shelduck split between the two lakes my position on my corner allowed an accurate count to be taken.
The North lake was devoid of gulls first thing until the Glaucous Gull came into view from the south lake. A short circuit over the North lake and the bird washed up and then had a good long rest on the main island. There were three visits to the lake during the day for this small rather washed out 1st winter bird that showed some signs of moult.
Eight Med Gulls were seen flying N/NW these did not seem in such a hurry but I guess there was rain ahead,A 1st winter Caspian Gull found by Devilbirder later in the day was the only other gull of note. There are still a fair few adult birds hanging around which is surprising!

Waders and terns were again in short to non-existent supply. A couple of Green Sandpiper, LRP and a Ringed Plover were recorded. The latter did not make my notebook.

A couple of Swift flew in with the rainclouds along with a mix of Swallow, Sand Martin and a couple of House Martin. Hirundine numbers rose considerably during the early evening lake watch. Good numbers of Stock Dove were noted this afternoon.


  1. Great to meet you yesterday Kojak!
    Hope to do so again in the future, and visit Beddington again if possible sometime soon.

  2. Hi Arjun
    Good to see you on the walk. Keep an eye on the local blogs for other walks in the area (I have some links at the bottom of the page). ie: Canons Farm has a walk tomorrow. This is a good site to visit and not too far to travel. I will keep an eye on your blog. Good Birding!