Wednesday, 20 February 2013

A Day of Dips!

Today was to be a full scale monkey hunt. Most of the crew were up early to assist Becca in finding the troop of Capuchins. I paired up with Adam who is also a volunteer and off into the Atlantic forest we went in search of these elusive primates. There are also a group of Aracari that frequent the feeding station early morning and I had yet to connect with them.

It wasn’t long before Adam had a text and then a call informing us that the Capuchins had been found near the road. We made our way through the forest as carefully and quickly as we could to join the rest of the group on the road. The news was good Becca had a beaming smile but the monkeys had moved across the road into the forest where there were no trails.

Becca informed me the Aracari’s had also been seen near the feeding platform! I returned to the base logging a Tropical Kingbird on the way. Mark who was preparing butterflies stated a group of three Aracari’s had been seen at the base at about 8am.

Brushing aside the double disappointment I went off to my Spanish lesson.  During which Adam who had gone for a swim found a Rufescent-tiger Heron in the reeds close to the beach! Nice find!
(Rufous-tiger Heron)
(photographer and copyright Adam Moltzahn)
The weather was beginning to look decidedly dodgy and it wasn’t long before the rain was tumbling from the skies. I checked the lagoon but there did not appear to be any new arrivals!

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