Thursday, 28 February 2013


I was back in monkey land this morning but not too find Capuchins but to clear trails so that our passage would be made easier when we did locate then. Armed with machetes Becca and I hit the flooded forest trail. There was a small wager as too who would get stung first whilst this work was carried out. Wasp’s nests are common place and they don’t take kindly to their home being knocked down! The wasps are around double the size of wasps in the UK.

The trail clearance was successful but I took the first and only stings of the day, probably because I went in after them having taken a hit away from a small nest of 5 wasps. These insects don’t let go either! But the trail was cleared and no harm was done!

Back at the base more tidying up was carried out before lunch and then we were all sitting around relaxing when a strange call was heard which sent the crew off to investigate. A Red-breasted Toucan was the prize for all! Fantastic this bird was a lifer for me!
(Red-breasted Toucan)
Bonus birds of Chestnut-vented Conebill and Black-tailed Tityra thrown in for twitcher Jo and myself. Not bad for ten minutes of birding along the Mbopi trail!
(Black-tailed Tityra)

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