Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Laguna Blanca 1st visits camera trap!!

APRIL 24th

The weather remains constant and birding is quiet beyond the regular species. Sjouke and I have carried out some more survey work as well as search for the shyer species using playback. The pigeons and Doves are now forming mixed flocks before roosting. There seem to be more Pale vented Pigeons and Eared Dove around but they have flocked so they are easier to count with the usual White tipped flotilla of birds.

I photographed a bird today along the Mboijagua trail which could be one of two species White crested or Grey capped Tyrannulet so this will remain unidentified until I bump into it again!
(Tyrannulet Serpophaga)
The most exciting news in the last day is a pair of Collared Forest Falcon who visited a salt lick in the Atlantic Forest which was camera trapped therefore no one saw them!! This species is the first record for Laguna Blanca and a lifer for me if I get to see them! Sadly they have not visited the spot since the 16th but may still be in the forest.
(Collared forest Falcon)
The weather is due to change at the weekend so hopefully it will bring some new migrants in!

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