Sunday, 28 April 2013

Rusty Margined Guan in the bag!

APRIL 28th
Sjouke and I continued carrying out census work in the Cerradon Cerrado this morning. This has been the most productive area so far and was keeping us both busy with our alternative method counts. Three quarters of the way round we encountered a snake which whizzed past me within a meter. I shouted “Snake!” as Sjouke was a couple of meters ahead and I didn’t want him turning around and stepping into the serpent. It turns out the snake was non poisonous but again it was not interested in our presence which is a relief as I think it would have outpaced both of us!

Rusty Margined Guan’s were being seen daily and close to the base as well. This species was becoming a bit of a bug bird for me with the added twist that I had heard one in the Atlantic Forest but could not count it as the bird was a lifer at the time and I also like to see the first species recorded on a site I am watching.

I helped Annie and Sjouke prepare lunch and Sean announced that the Guan’s had been seen earlier in the morning along the Arroyito trail which is at the back of the house. There was no time to waste I was off! I added that I wasn’t coming back until I had found them and so close to lunch time too!! This could turn out to be a long afternoon!

I walked into the trail and could hear Jays causing a commotion. This either means snake or raptor so I proceeded with care and within 30 metres there they were two Guan’s crashing about along the branches. At last and I could show my face for dinner!

Three Ash tailed Swift were seen passing over the trail and with the cloud this could mean a storm was brewing! Well the storm front came and went leaving about ten drops of rain behind and some impressive flashes of lightning but little else!

The Guan’s bring my Laguna Blanca total to 160 species of which 27 are lifers! 

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