Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Wood you believe it...!

Friday 28th I completed my weeks surveys in the Transitional Forest. I had planned to stay out late looking for Owls and Nightjars but did not expect to be out so long. One of the downsides of using the McKinnon method is that only complete lists can be used for comparison and sometimes it can take over an hour to complete a list.

I had just about given up on completing my second list when a Pauraque appeared from its perch from inside the Transitional Forest and after the briefest of hawks sat on the track fifty metres away. I confirmed the identity of the bird and then began the long walk back to the base. I was still a bird short but there was still the prospect of another Nightjar or an Owl.

I had not walked more than thirty metres when a bird swooped past my head and perched itself on a branch ahead of me. A Ferriginous Pygmy Owl stared back at the strange illuminated silhouette walking along the path. Fantastic list complete time to head for the hills!
(Wood Stork)
Saturday 29th I was up early with Joe and off to Nightjar land to carry out some Point counts to show some bird diversity around the areas we have been searching for the White winged Nightjar. I don’t think either of us was expecting a group of Wood Stork to appear. The group were clearly looking for a place to rest but there is a distinct lack of visible water in this area.
(Does this qualify as a group selfie!!)
During the evening it was party time after an esado at Karina’s which honoured Earth hour a few of the gang joined the celebrations at a local wedding. We were greeted with open arms and the biggest piece of wedding cake I have ever seen. I must say it was very sweet but very tasty!
(Taking cover in the rain!!)
Sunday 30th was a recovery day with some horse riding with Sagi and John thrown in. There are two horses that are can be ridden on site, one is more stubborn than the other but I have cracked that small issue now. It was John’s first time on a horse so we took the horses into the pen so that he could get comfortable before John and I went out onto one of the trails. John has been riding since and he has taken to it like a fish to water!

Monday 31st it was time to say goodbye to John. I am due to get my Paraguayan driving licence renewed so took the opportunity and drove John to Santa Rosa so that he could catch a bus to Asuncion. This was also a good opportunity to put some Spanish into practice with the local people. Jorge has been a great help during my stay, he is learning English so a part of each day is spent speaking Spanglish with him!

Tuesday 1st April There was a storm overnight and it is still raining in varying degrees of ferocity! I do hope it clears up enough so that I can carry out a count

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