Friday, 1 May 2015

Back to reality and the Farm!

A trip to Beddington Farm was the order of the day. The wind had moved to NE through the night but there was no rain to go with it. Rain always brings the possibility of bringing down waders or even something rarer! The cloud was high at stupid o clock so there was little point staying in the hide so off I went on a tour of the Farm (which was to last 5hrs+).

The North Lake was pretty quiet with a few gulls and Shelduck on it. The South Lake had slightly better fair with Little Ringed Plover.

The mound had a single male Wheatear. Note the lack of picture I certainly do not want to be considered for next seasons Wheatear challenge!! A Redshank was heard but was not located.

I checked the lagoons and then wandered into the SE corner to check the works area flushed a male Pheasant (who are more regular these days!) and took an unscheduled slide in the sludge. This area is caked in the stuff the top bakes in the sun and just when you think you are on firm ground splat! I also stalked a Garden Warbler and failed!

A walk through to 100 Acre produced little. A Whinchat provided a break in the norm near the reed beds. During the walk there was Whitethroat everywhere.

The above bird is currently wanted:- If you see it do not approach it particularly if you are a fish! I think I have a couple of survivors by oddly enough what is left is hiding in the weed!! I will have to hold a roll call another day!!

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