Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Beddington Farm - Ring Ouzel!

Part two of the day involved a scenic drive back to Beddington Farm (according to Frank!) and then a short walk across the field aptly named bikers field to 100 Acre where the Greenshank had been seen earlier in the day. This was not going to be a short walk as our intended route is always extended!
As we were walking E one set of sludge beds N of the Go Kart track I saw a male Ring Ouzel fly low into a row of bushes with a dead tree at the N end. Without announcing this I asked Frank to take a walk the other side of the line of bushes in the hope if the bird flies out one of us would see it move. I did not explain myself at all brain and mouth was not at the same speed so Frank looked back slightly confused and said “Anything in particular?” Again brain and mouth were out of sync and I replied “Blackbird white bib!” I have no idea why I said this instead of “Ouzel” Frank waved me round a few moments later and the Ring Ouzel was sat tight in the bush patiently waiting for our departure.

We had a chuckle about the events Frank asking “Did you not want to commit to that one then?” He remarked on the long journey from Molesey that had obviously worn me out! A Green Sandpiper and Little Ringed Plover were added to the list of waders. Sadly the Greenshank were not re-located despite a walk around most of the site!
We did however find a Wheatear feeding between a couple of the sludge beds on 100 Acre.

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