Thursday, 13 April 2017

Beddington Farm - A Trickle of Migrants!

I took a day off from the Farm yesterday only so that I could get the “Kojemobile” serviced with an early MOT leaving me free to travel should a SVC bird show up. This morning another Cattle Egret was reported this time at Richmond Park. The bird was on Pen Ponds but flew off NW away from the Farm where the usual suspects were tending to the nets. I believe this species will become more common in Surrey and is a hot favourite to be the next new species of Beddington Farms list!
Back at the nets Dodge had heard a Lesser Whitethroat early this morning and the bird gladly obliged by hopping into a net. This is a new species for me so I was given the task of processing the bird under the watchful eye of trainer Mike Netherwood!
I later added a Starling to my short UK list of rung species thanks Frank This bird was slightly smelly but was not too much trouble in the hand. A Great Crested Grebe even came close to the banks of the North Lake to watch the proceedings. I happily seized the moment to add this species to my photo list. I am not sure why it has taken so long to secure photographs!

I missed a Yellow Wagtail which landed on the main island whilst I was checking my nets. Fifteen Greylag Goose also dropped in on the same island before we had a rare gull invasion which seemed to clear everything else off the island!

Tomorrow I am back at the nets with David “Devilbirder” Campbell. I hope it brings another wave of migrants!

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