Monday, 1 May 2017

Beddington Farm - Spring Arrives in Style Part 2

As the search for the Temminck’s dwindled Whinchat and Wheatear where located on the N side of the mound. I caught up with the former as I made my way back to the hide. Tank and Swifty decided to go and check the South Lake when they heard a Nightingale singing by the gates. This is another rare visitor to the Farm and off we went to see the latest addition to the growing day list.
The bird was happily singing away but very difficult to see. I returned to the hide to allow the rush of onlookers to dissipate. The bird could be heard from the Sand Martin bank. This was a Farm tick for Swifty and some of the newer keyholders. More importantly it was new for Frank who had heard birds in the past but had not seen one. The BFBG rule is that the first bird has to be seen to be added to your site total. Patience turned out to be a virtue with the bird showing well (for a Nightingale anyway!) allowing Frank to notch up his 200th Farm species.

In between times a Black tailed Godwit flew through S and put the brakes on taking a small circuit above the lake before deciding to continue its journey. Time was now moving into early afternoon and the few hardcore birders were left. A Turtle Dove was observed flying SE low over the North Lake. This species is another rare visitor to the patch.

By 1600hrs a small group of Med Gull flying E and Hobby had added themselves to the tally. The numbers of eyes were now dwindling with Redshank being the last wader before I was left to hold the fort for the remainder of the day. There was no chance I would be leaving any time soon!
My staying power paid off with a group of Arctic Tern appearing out of the edge of the front which was now lining the path on the W side of the Farm. A Greenshank was next out of the cloud moving around the lake looking for somewhere to settle down before it flew out SE over the mound.
The last appearance of the day was at around 1920hrs where the forth Hobby of the day decided to eye me up stood on the bank. It appeared confused almost hovering like a Kestrel at times. The remaining hour was quiet.

This bank holiday weekend has a habit of producing rarities and is definitely one not to miss in your diary if you don’t want to be looking at the alerts on your phone all day!

What an incredible day!

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