Sunday, 14 May 2017

Beddington Farm - WeBS Out on a Whim!

Today was WeBS day at Beddington Farm. An early start did not put me at any great advantage as it was chucking it down with rain. I took refuge in the hide with David “Devilbirder” Campbell until the worst of the weather had past. David and I then headed in opposite directions. I prefer to start the counts at 100 Acre and move south covering the lakes mound and finishing in the SE corner.

It was not too long before the group whatsapp was whistling in my pocket and David had seen a Whimbrel that was clearly looking for some sanctuary around the edges of the South Lake. The bird set down and being at the furthest point away from the lakes I continued counting.

By the time I had reached the North Lake the thought of seeing this bird had disappeared from my mind. I moved on to the South Lake when I saw David at the gates with Christian. This was a new Farm species for Christian so I joined them briefly whilst completing the counts on the South Lake.
The bird had re-located itself on the mound close to the freshly ploughed area by a group of saplings that were still in their protective casings. This provided ideal cover to get closer and get some shots having made a real dogs dinner of taking pictures during a brief  period of flight!

That was a pleasant surprise and thanks to some eagle eyed spotting by David, Christian added another to his total!

WeBS day has a habit of turning up a surprise Woo Hoo!

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