Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Costa Rica - Ciao Arenal Lodge!

I spent my last day at Arenal Volcano Lodge being chased around by low cloud that was like a ghost one minute covering the area and then not a trace of cloud anywhere. This pushed alot of the birds up the slope and into the grounds of the Lodge.
On the grass area below the swimming pool was what I believe to be a moulting juvenile to adult Black-headed Grosbeak which showed a pink orange wash on the belly. This species winters in Southern Mexico. Sightings in Santa Rosa National Park and Monteverde have been recorded and with the recent storms I guess Arenal is not that far away.
As the morning brightened up birds began to sing or laugh in the case of two Laughing Falcons. Both took advantage of the top of a dead tree in the valley. Grey Headed Chachalaca was also on the move through the lower bushes and trees.
Hummingbirds were also active around the gardens with a Blue-throated Goldentail taking a short rest before continuing its nectar feast.
Costa Rica’s national bird the Clay-colored Robin also put in an appearance on the bird table along with Blue-Grey and Palm Tanagers.

The last stop in my trip was to be where I began at Hotel Bougainvillea. The journey by Interbus was good value for money and hassle free. The cab journey from the airport to the Hotel was in the thick of rush hour and should be avoided!

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