Monday, 29 October 2018

Beddington Farm - MEGA Richards Pipit !!

Pete Alfreys recent return from the magic of Corvo would have put the Beddington Farm crew on high alert. Even the most reluctant gamblers would have been checking the odds on “Pinpoint” finding a rarity at the Farm. True to form it happened this morning which caused a frantic rush of keyholders through the new gates at the end of Mile Road.
A Richard’s Pipit had been seen on the mound which caused early morning madness in my home. I joined the small group on the mound and happily snapped away at the bird as it traversed the area. In my haste to the Farm I had neglected to check my camera for SD cards and as the red Demo alert flashed on the screen I was cursing myself as I had left both cards in my laptops! Dooh!

I took the short journey home to recover the situation and returned to meet a fellow Surrey lister and Garry Messenbird at the gates to re-locate the bird! The bird was still present associating with a couple of Meadow Pipits calling as they moved from one area to the next. 

The bird even took a fly past the now permanent blot on the landscape the incinerator chimneys!

This is the third record for the Farm the last record in 1970 where two birds were found. The only other record was in 1958. For me this was a life bird despite records annually in the UK so it was an all ways winner for me and my 190 species for Beddington Farm! Surrey Vice County 237 species!

Thanks Pete for the heads up it certainly got the heart rate up! I am relieved the photo disaster was also rectified! Woo Hoo!!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Arjun it may stick around... Keep an eye on the website... Start working on your parents and I'm sure access can be arranged 4u with a relative in tow...

    2. I'm on half term this week so will keep an eye out...

    3. Its still there this morning (30th) Arjun!

    4. Is anyone at the farmlands at the moment? Unfortunately my parents are both working but I'd be extremely happy to try and get it as my 200th bird for Britain!

    5. Glen will be there until about mid-day. They are in the hide...They know ur coming....

    6. Ah shit that message didn't come up on my phone...sorry gutted. Is there a chance I could get your email Kojak rather than sending messages on here? Sorry...

  2. Wont put email on this page will get all kinds of junk but check dashboard pages or twitter / FB under my pseudonym!