Friday, 11 April 2014

Cerradon comes to life!!

Sunday 6th April
I went out into the Cerrado to carry out the last of my weeks evening counts. I had the use of the turck which enabled me to cover all the Cerrado types (Campo Limpio – grassland , Campo Susio – Mixed grass and trees, Sensu Strictu – Sparse large trees no grass, and Cerradon - Tall trees and shrubs)
(Suiriri Flycatcher)
The most productive area today was the Cerradon which strangely enough was very quiet when I visited on a morning count. The flies in this area were numerous which probably explained why there were so many birds in this area. A Suiriri Flycatcher was first up and was very obliging posing as it sang. (Thanks Paul)
(Blue tufted Starthroat)
A female Blue tufted Starthroat whizzed into the area had a quick feed and then remained long enough for old slow coach to capture it on camera. Guilded Saphire was another hummer to declare its presence in the area.

Monday 7th April       
The only bird of note for the day was a Barn Swallow that hugged the reed line in front of the beach at the South end of the lagoon.

Tuesday 8th April

Birding had been difficult the previous day and there was to be no change today either. The only interesting sighting was a pair of White barred Picculet that were excavating a nest site near the main track to the reserve.

Wednesday 9th April
Just as I was getting a bit despondent at the lack of bird activity on the reserve, the Arroyito trail got the blood flowing with nearly two lists completed in this area. Two species were added an American Kestrel and Yellow headed Caracara that had set down on the edge of the Transitional Forest for a rest. I think they must have known there was a storm on its way!!

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