Saturday, 5 April 2014

Dog gone it!!

Thursday 3rd April

I spent the morning watching the Lagoon and the Afternoon in the Mosquito filled Atlantic Forest. The aptly named OFF earning its corn in keeping these nuisances at bay during the walk. I heard the Undulated Tinamou once again but could not tempt it out with playback.

Friday 4th April

Checking the edges of the lagoon is a daily must but there was a school party arrived mid morning which restricted birding around the beach area. I set out early but did not find anything out of the ordinary.
During the afternoon my birding friend (Lobo) and I went into the Transitional Forest starting along the Arroyito trail. Now Lobo is pretty good when I am birding but I think seeing a rarity got the better of him and he raced forward to get a better look at the Yellow Billed Cuckoo which was nicely perched in the middle of a tree. As you can guess the bird did not hang around flying out of view! Needless to say I could not re locate the bird. An early start this morning did not produce a further sighting either!

This reminded me of a similar occurrence last year whilst birding with Sjouke. But two Pale Breasted Thrush were the cause of the Cuckoo’s untimely departure.
(Black throated Mango)
A female Black throated Mango was far more co-operative though. A Scissor Tailed Nightjar was the last entrant completing two lists.

Today is going to be a bit of an emotional roller coaster at PLT...Fasten your seatbelts please!!...It is Sagi’s last day today and Tommy leaves Monday therefore some celebrations and sad farewells are the order of the day as well as a small matter of my presentation this afternoon.. No pressure then!!


  1. Miss you old man! still BFFs?

  2. Miss u2.... I am sleeping with one eye open just in case....x