Sunday, 13 April 2014

Dull Day but don't forget to duck!!

Saturday 12th April
This weekend is the beginning of Semana Santa which means that there are alot of tourists that spend time at LB. The weather has taken another turn for the worst (coats are being worn!) but this always opens the door for more birds to stop off to re fuel during reverse migration. I completed a Cerrado count during the morning with the Cerradon producing the most species of bird. During an afternoon lagoon watch a couple of Snowy Egret dropped in to the beach.

Sunday 13th April
(Great White Egret)
More low cloud and SE winds bought a Great White Egret down to the beach end of the lake. I decided to take the opportunity to wander round to get some pictures .
(Vermilion Flycatcher)
Once again this paid dividends as I crept around the reeded areas with a Vermilion Flycatcher posing nicely on a post for me. The male was busy hawking insects from this raised viewpoint.
(Brazilian Teal)
A pair of BrazilianTeal were observed in this area but only flight shots were obtained as the pair of birds were flighty. The South American Snipe was also present.

The skies are now blue again but it is still windy with more than a bit of a chill to the air. Like any other place I have ever birded poor conditions will generally encourage passing birds to take a rest!

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