Friday, 11 April 2014

Fall after the storm!!

Thursday 10th April
Today is Para La Tierra’s forth birthday, preparations had began the previous afternoon to cook a whole pig which was wrapped at sat on top of coals in a four foot pit. The pit was layered and then the tin roof was put on top and covered with sand.

The weather was still horrible but a spectacular light display was watched by the gang as the night drew in. The storm continued throughout the morning. I seized the opportunity of a short break in the weather and legged it to the boathouse where lagoon watch ensued.
(Rufous bellied Thrush)
I have not seen a great deal during storms but I believe if you persevere then something will turn up sooner or later and sure enough it did. A Rufous bellied Thrush dropped in right next to where I was sat. Nice one! I cannot remember having seen this species at LB before but have seen it before in Paraguay.

The day moved on slowly with little movement in the skies above. I returned to the Base and waited for the rain to stop. I had a feeling the storm may produce a wader mainly due to the time of year.
(Large billed Tern)
Once the rain had stopped I was out with Matilde like a shot, initially helping her to catch butterflies but in the back of my mind way the potential for something good. My other birding friends Lobo and Acero had to be kepf close which caused some dissention in the ranks but proved to be an excellent move on my part.
(Large billed Tern)
As Matilde and I walked along the beach I spied a Large billed Tern resting on the ground. Lobo naturally wanted a closer look but managed to control himself enough that I could get some pictures of this glorious bird. There were a few odd looks from Matilde but hey a LB tick had been bagged!
(South American Snipe)
We continued to look between the clumps of grass and pools for butterflies and a small wader popped up landing on the shore. A South American Snipe showed extremely well once again the camera caught the moments.
(South American Snipe)
What started as a dreary day took shape with three LB ticks! I bagged a heap of butterflies as well!! There was a pig to be tucked into as well Happy days!!

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