Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Laguna Blanca - Cheeping away at the list!

I have been taking an early morning walk around the lagoon and the seasonal pond to monitor any new arrivals at Laguna Blanca.

A Yellow-browed Tyrant is present along the flooded margins of the lagoon. The Blackish Rail also made a fleeting appearance scurrying away when it saw me stood along the tree line.

The seasonal pond has had a list of usual suspect Brazilian Teal, Common Gallinule, Least Grebe, Social Flycatcher, Variable Oriole and the Masked Duck which seems settled there.

Whilst watching the pond yesterday morning I noticed a small white and black bird moving low through the sunken trees and vegetation. A closer look revealed a White-headed Marsh Tyrant which was a new bird for my Laguna Blanca list. Unfortunately no pictures on this occasion but I hope the bird will remain and pose for a few shots!

A couple of uncommon birds have been photographed both were associating with the Chopi Blackbirds along the front of the beach. A Unicoloured Blackbird was seen yesterday 16th at the front of the tourist area.

A pair of Monk Parakeets was spied today from the porch of the house feeding on the ground with the Chopi Blackbirds. This species is quite rare at Laguna Blanca unlike other areas of South America. In Buenos Aires they were seen in large groups (like pigeons) feeding on scraps that careless people had discarded on the ground. I’m not sure how a chip eating parrot figures in the scientific world but they had no complaints!

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