Friday, 5 August 2016

Laguna Blanca - Chipping away and adding to the LB list!

Jeremy Dickens arrived a month ago taking up the role of Museum Curator. He is also an ornithologist who shares my passion for birds. The reserve list can only benefit from having the two of us permanently on site.

On 19th and 23rd July Jeremy observed a Sirystes singing from a tree situated between the Museum and the lagoon. This species is an Atlantic Forest species but has not made it onto my Laguna Blanca list despite keeping an ear out for its monotonous call. I saw this species at San Rafael in June.

A juvenile White Cheeked Pintail arrived on the 28thwith a group of BrazilianTeal visiting the Seasonal Pond. This bird has since been seen in the margins of the Lagoon.

I saw a Guira Tanager in a mixed flock of passerines in the Atlantic Forest on the 29th. This colourful bird was the latest bird to make my Laguna Blanca list.

A Pavonine Cuckoo which has been present on the reserve having been heard at dawn and dusk in the area of Atlantic Forest behind the museum for over a month was finally seen by Jeremy and myself but has proved extremely difficult to photograph preferring the cover dense bushes between short flights. This species is heard calling at dawn and dusk. This is a new bird for the reserve and also a life bird for me.  

Woo hoo’s all round!

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