Monday, 15 August 2016

Laguna Blanca - Peep Show!!

The weather has been settled recently with temperatures slowly rising to the late twenties. Rain was forecast at the later end of the weekend which always holds my interest as a rarity may take the opportunity to visit the reserve.

Saturday 13th was a clear sunny day with the temperature hitting thirty degrees but there was definitely something in the air! A juvenile Tropidorus lagunablanca had awoken from its slumber near the PLT house at 1130hrs and scurried up to the top of the tree. Kelly had been quick off the mark taking some pictures of it before it disappeared.

In the afternoon a Solitary Sandpiper arrived and was seen by Nori as she walked to the beach. This news had Jeremy scrambling for his binos and I took a quick sprint from the museum to the house to get my telescope. This bird clearly wanted to spend the afternoon at LB but the Lapwing had other ideas chasing the bird around the sand and over the reeds as it called in an attempt to call off its rather large pursuers!

As I walked back to the house a Collared Plover in breeding plumage flew towards me diverting at the last minute to land on the shore to the beginning of the stream. Wow two peeps in an afternoon not bad at all!

Talk over dinner was about the possibility of spring arriving early even though we were still in August but maybe the shorebirds are beginning to move! How wrong we were storm time!!

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