Thursday, 14 April 2016

A day in the Transitional Forest!!

Wednesday 13th was survey day in the Transitional Forest. I started at the Base then along Arroyito trail which runs by the stream into the Lagoon.

My first point count proved to be interesting with Blue Fronted Amazon Parrots landing in the tree on the other bank of the stream. This species is regularly seen in flight over the reserve but rarely seen in the trees. Next up were a pair of Swallow Tanager that made a brief appearance in the same tree before being chased off by a Pale-breasted Thrush.

The Arroyito trail which is the smallest trail on the reserve produced twenty two species in just over an hour but I guess the stream plays a big part in birds gathering in this area. A Striped-backed Puffbird and Red Eyed (Chivi) Vireo were other species of note in this area.

Mbopi trail which runs parallel to the Lagoon on the NW side was not as productive so I made my way to the Mboijaguar trail which is where the Cerrado meets the Transitional Forest. I made steady progress along the trail managing to creep up on a Pale-vented Pigeon that was feeding on the ground.

I continued into the narrow corridor which separates the bushes and scrub. This is one area where creeping along can pay dividends. A Tataupa Tinamou was spied in the distance and watched from a safe distance away.

I took a short stop at the top of the slope into the heart of the forest to witness the Plush-crested Jays chasing of a couple of Chestnut-eared Aracari. A Toco Toucan had recently been seen in this area by Peter and Marnix and I had vague hopes of capturing this magnificent species on camera but it was not to be.

I did however attract the attention of a group of Curl-crested Jay who went on the offensive ushering me along the path as they squawked in my direction. The remainder of the forest was fairly quiet so I returned to the Base and prepared myself for a return to the forest after dark for the night species.

Jorge, myself, Alicia, Constance and Marco set out at 2000hrs in search of Owls, Nightjars and anything else that may grace us with their presence. There was a couple of surprise additions to the days total as a group of Guira Cuckoo and a Picazuro Wood-Pigeon were disturbed as Jorge scanned the trees with a torch.

As we made our way along Mboijaguar trail a flash of a pair of eyes in a tree revealed Tropical Screech Owl and Ferruginous Pygmy Owl were heard but not seen on this occasion.

The final sighting of the day was along the path in the form of a couple of Pauraque a large nightjar which took a great deal of stealth to creep up on.

Two circuits of the Transitional Forest later and I had logged thirty four species. I was definitely ready for my bed!!

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