Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Laguna Blanca Plumage tick!

After a cold night locked up in my sleeping bag I ventured out in the fog / mist to carry out my last survey in the Atlantic Forest. The temperature was 9C rising to around 12C during the course of the morning.

Birding in the forest was slow with very few birds showing themselves early on. An adult Barred Forest Falcon was the first bird of note sitting in a dark recess of the forest watching my every move.
In the south Atlantic Forest I bumped into Carter and Anna two of the monkey interns. Both had seen the Capuchins nearby earlier in the morning. Just as they were departing I spotted a male Band tailed Manakin on an exposed branch by the road. The bird posed for a few pictures before disappearing back into the forest! This was my first sighting of a male of this species!

A Chestnut-eared Aracari was the next species of note to put in an appearance before hopping out of view into the forest. The remainder of the mornings walk was pretty uneventful until I returned to the base.

A Cliff Swallow had been found on the sand by Jorge and was looking exhausted having most likely been brought down to earth in the storm. The bird did not have enough energy to fly off and was duly taken into care and monitored for signs of improvement in a wool laden box which sadly did not come about!

The weather is not looking good for the next couple of days I wonder what else will seek refuge at Laguna Blanca during this period!

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