Thursday, 7 April 2016

Let the Birding begin!

One of the many advantages of living at Laguna Blanca is that bird-watching begins when you roll out of bed. I have been up at first light most days checking the lagoon and the seasonal pond for returning migrants. The weather has been consistent sunny with some cloud reaching around 35C.

A Southern beardless Tyranulet has been the hi-light of these visits so far. A pair of Brazilian Teal, Least Grebe and Wattled Jacana has also been regulars on this pond.

The Cerrado is still flooded beyond the picnic table which will make coverage of the four sub habitat types difficult to negotiate. During a scouting mission I connected with three Cerrado special in the same area. White-rumped Tanager was the first of these specials to announce themselves with a rally of calls.

A Black-throated Saltator joined the chorus on an exposed branch to compete with the Tanagers.

Shrike-like Tanagers are never too far behind when there is any type of vocalisation from the above species. 

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