Saturday, 9 April 2016

Laguna Blanca tick!!

Saturday 9th it was the Transitional Forest’s turn to have my undivided attention. The forest runs from the base along the eastern side of the lake and into Mboijaguar trail which has Cerrado on the left as you walk up the slight incline and Transitional forest on the right.

The morning was overcast but started slowly on the bird front with hardly any movement or calls from the trees and scrub. I noticed a small passerine flit from the Transitional Forest side of the path onto the Cerrado side. A bit of phishing later and my first Tropical Parula was caught on camera.
Flavescent Warblers lined the route almost equidistant from each other. This species is another favourite of mine and will travel in a circular fashion to check you out whilst you remain stationary on the path.

I stopped at the top of the incline to watch some Glistening bellied Emerald whizz about in the sparse scattering of trees. A small group of Purplish Jay took exception to my presence and started sounding alarm calls and bobbing their heads in my direction. This bought re-enforcements in a group of Curl-crested Jays who completed the circle. This species of Jay are one of the Cerrado specials and are resident at Laguna Blanca.

I continued walking along the path which was narrower and now heavily vegetated when I heard a contact like call from a White-throated Spadebill. The bird sat in the open posing for photographs before disappearing back into the shrubs. This species is new for me at Laguna Blanca. Woo hoo!!

With an extra spring in my step I headed back to the base noting White-tailed Dove, Smooth-billed Ani, Pale-breasted Thrush, Yellow-chevroned Parakeets, and had a second encounter with the Curl-crested Jays.

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