Thursday, 7 April 2016

Return to Laguna Blanca Paraguay!

The journey to Paraguay is always a long trip but on this occasion there was an unexpected extension at Sao Paulo. Having boarded the flight to Asuncion and sat on the plane for approx one hour at the stand. The plane taxied towards the runway and stopped to wait, next in line for take-off. There was a twenty minute wait with a couple of planes passing us for take-off. The Captain then announced that the plane was going back to the stand for technical reasons and the passengers would have to wait to transfer to another plane. Whatever the fault was I am glad it happened when it did because a few minutes later and the plane would have been airborne! I am glad to say the transfer and flight went without a hitch. The cab and bus journey to Santa Rosa were straight forward. Becca and Jorge picked me up arriving at Laguna Blanca around 2100hrs local time.

Laguna Blanca is a fantastic setting on the Eastern side of Paraguay. There has been a considerable amount of rain since my last visit in October / November 2015 which has re-ignited some of the streams that run from the Cerrado into the lagoon. Some areas of the Cerrado are still flooded and the seasonal pond will no longer be seasonal!

It has been warm and sunny for most parts with the threat of a storm on Sunday that somehow managed to miss LB and the local football match Jorge had taken us to Santa Barbara beat a team from Santa Rosa 4 – 0. The game was a one sided affair but had a healthy crowd from the local community.

The Para La Tierra house is full which has enabled me to assist in other project work as well as prepare my own bird projects. I wonder when the first fall of birds will be?!!

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