Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Feeding Frenzy on New Years Day!

Having spent the latter part of 2012 doing everything apart from birding I thought it was time to start 2013 with a look at my feeders. By the time I had risen the sun was shining the sky was almost cloudless and there was a frenzy of activity in the garden from various common garden species.
My feeders contain high protein, sunflower and niger seed, suet pellets and peanuts. There are two drinking plates incorporated into the feeder stands. I have a ground feeder which I put mixed seed on and on the ground slices of apples and cooked vegetables (left overs from xmas!). There is a birdbath close by and an old fishpond next to the apple tree and bushes that provide the birds with the cover they need.  

The first encouraging sign were the number of House Sparrows that were present. Numbers fluctuate each day but 10 - 15 are regularly seen. Last year I had three days of c30 birds of which a couple had rings. I have not identified their origins to date.

(House Sparrow & Starling)

The next notable visitor were two Coal Tits who took turns to feed whilst the other stood in the bush on guard. Suddenly panic in the garden and flapping of wings and alarm calls. I looked to the sky but soon realised it wasn't a Sparrowhawk but the local cats who had caused the commotion.

(Coal Tit)
Once the two patrolling cats had been shoood away calm was restored to the garden and birds returned including Wood Pigeon, four Collared Doves joined the Blackbirds on the ground. The latter were feeding on the rotting apples and vegetables. Great and Blue Tits were noted on the feeders.

I had seen a male Blackcap on two previous days and wondered if it would return. This is the third garden record for this species. I am glad to say it did not let me down and took its rightful claim as "Bird of the Day!".

There are always gulls passing overhead most commute from Beddington Farm. I noted several Black Headed and various ages of Herring Gull along with a single Common Gull who very obligingly parked itself on a neighbours roof.
(Common Gull)
Having been totally transfixed for over an hour at the activity in the garden, I tore myself away picked my dad up and drove to Bromley FC to watch Sutton Utd triumph with a much needed 2 - 0 victory. There was still time to see a few Rose ringed Parakeets flying off to roost over the ground at dusk.
Not a bad day on two fronts 15 species seen in the garden and Sutton up to 13th in the Blue Square Bet South...!

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