Friday, 18 January 2013

Snow at the Farm!

I looked out the window this morning and the street was clear, I looked twenty minutes later and the ground was covered in snow! The Met office got that one spot on I thought to myself! My next thought was to sort out the feeders in the garden then get myself over to Beddington Farm. This was not a day to be driving too far and besides that the Farm is at its best in adverse weather conditions!

(Garden Feeders)

The wind was SE to E with continuous snow sometimes reaching blizzard conditions when the wind picked up. Dodge was in the hide he said there had been some movement of birds, a Dunlin in a small flock of waders and a Woodcock. Dodge has sharper eyes than me so I scanned the gulls whilst he kept his eyes on the skies. A Wigeon was my first year-tick followed by a Water Rail who entertained with its antics on the ice.

(Water Rail)

Throughout the day there was a steady movement of Lapwings and a four groups of Golden Plovers. Fieldfare and Redwing were also on the move during the afternoon. I periodically scanned the gulls hoping to find the Glaucous Gull. Bulldog and his pals had been in the hide around thirty minutes when I finally located the Glaucous Gull in the centre of the lake. At last! Sadly my pictures were not up to scratch!

I left the Farm completely satisfied with the days events, the Farm can be a tough and unforgiving place particularly in inclement weather but if will produce something spectacular if you persevere. 
Maybe tomorrow!

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