Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Return to Beddington Farm

I took a short jaunt to the Farm today after checking the garden feeders and adding a Greenfinch to my list. I met Dodge at the gate and two Goldcrest were seen on the path to Mile Road bridge. Frank was already in the hide and I looked out over the lake to a carpet of gulls. I had not missed the gull experience but an Iceland Gull had recently been seen and scanning through them using my scope was the only way to have a chance of seeing it. I noticed the view of Croydon east of the hide had disappeared since I last visited, this had been replaced by a landfill mountain which had another carpet of gulls on the west side of it. The gulls were facing into the slight breeze making identification a challenge but sadly no Iceland Gull today.

Beddington is famous for its Tree Sparrow colony which rivals Slimbridge but doesn't get the same publicity as the RSPB site. The Tree Sparrows had a poor breeding year in 2012 but they were still evident around the feeders situated by the hide.
(Tree Sparrow)
Rarities are weather induced at the Farm but there is always an air of expectancy of a rarity being found whatever the conditions. Today was not a rarity day but there were plenty of commoner species to look at from ducks and herons to garden birds and geese. Raptors were scarce today, an odd Kestrel and Sparrowhawk were noted throughout the afternoon. The stealth fighter of raptors a Peregrine Falcon left it late causing havoc amoungst the starlings and gulls.
(Reed Bunting)

As the light was fading Dodge called a Greylag Goose which arrived with Canada Geese. Why mention this you ask but Greylags are not a regular occurance on the lakes. A conversation ensued with Bulldog (who had been walking the site) whether it should be considered as my bird of the day!
(Greylag Goose)
Having made it home before dark I saw a few Rose Ringed Parakeets fly over the garden to roost. Back to work tomorrow therefore the next birding foray will have to be put on hold!

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