Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Laguna Blanca - Birds in the nets!


I spent yesterday looking for suitable sites to set the mist nets. I decided to start with an already tried and tested location at the back of the house along the Arroyito trail. I set three nets along the narrow path (Net1). The remaining two nets I would place in a run I had cleared at the top of the small hill above the stream (Net2).

With the nets closed in place I got up at stupid o clock to open them and then played the waiting game. Net2 was the first to catch a Creamy-bellied Thrush which was slightly not pleased to see me!

As I walked back to the house passing by Net1 again it too had caught birds with two Flavescent Warbler. This species is a particular favourite of mine with its orange coloured legs which complement the yellow under parts and olive green upper parts.

The next hour was quiet but then bird of the day graced the Net1 with its presence a Tropical Parula. What an amazing little bird this is and very co-operative too.

A Pearly-vented Tody-Tyrant made up the mornings catch from Net1 with a Pale-breasted Thrush escaping the lower part of Net2 as I approached it. Net1 takes a clear lead into the second day 4 – 1 but the weather forecast is not looking great! Fingers crossed the rumbling storm will pass us by!

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  1. Great work Koj-hope you learned something from us !
    Caught 4 juv.Cettis early July so a new breeder for the Farm!