Friday, 8 July 2016

Paraguay - Chaco Expedition Laguna Capitan Part 2

30th June

The group set camera and pitfall traps around the shallow lagoons and the bird nets were set and opened each morning to enable morphometric data to be taken for each species caught. A regular walk was taken around the lagoon to record bird species and look at footprints left in the mud at the water’s edge.

Two life birds were recorded on the first day. The first Coscoroba Swan which looks more like a cross between a swan and a goose and had incidentally turned into my Paraguayan bug bird and had recently eluded me whilst I was visiting Argentina.

The Chilean Flamingo was on my to see wish list and did not disappoint at the first attempt with a small group swaying their heads from side to side filtering algae in the shallow water.

A Stilt Sandpiper was amongst the mix of White-backed Stilt, Lesser Yellowlegs and Collared Plover feeding along the edge of the lagoon. Ringed Teal were also numerous in the deeper water and numbers would increase over the coming days.

A Cream-backed Woodpecker was seen in flight. A group were photographed on a dead tree a few days later.

Lark-like Brush-runner was present in the grass around the accommodation block and what a splendid looking bird this was with its erect crest complimenting the appearance of the bird.

Buff-necked Ibis were probing the soft ground as they patiently waited on the soccer pitch for the referee to arrive.  

There were also the odd small Cayman lurking around the water’s edge but they slipped quietly into the water on the approach of any of the group.

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