Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Paraguay - Expedition to the Chaco Part 1

Akron zoo in Ohio USA are funding a programme which would include a series of expeditions to San Rafael and The Chaco. Laguna Blanca Para La Tierra base is the third study area. The purpose of the trips were to record the species of bird and wildlife in these areas.

The Para La Tierra six day expedition led by Joe with myself and Jeremy as support staff and interns Kelly, Stuart, Sam and Nori set out at stupid o’clock from Laguna Blanca to venture North into the Chaco. The Chaco is the South American equivalent of the African Savannah and the destination was Laguna Capitan where the group would explore the area recording all wildlife in this area.

The object of this trip were to record Chilean Flamingo numbers on the salt pans, compile a bird list and record all other wildlife in the area. The journey was to take most of the day but the recording would begin once we had crossed the Rio Paraguay at Conception.

The Trans Chaco highway from Conception to Filidelfia was not in the best condition but the flooded grasslands and areas of palm trees supported an abundance of bird life including Bare Faced and White Faced Ibis, Limpkin, Great White Egret, Ringed Kingfisher, Jabiru and White Monjita. A less welcoming site along this route was the occasional road kill usually a snake which was collected if in reasonable condition. A Tropical Screech Owl and Pauraque closed the day list at thirty two species as the evening closed in. 

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