Sunday, 10 July 2016

Paraguay Chaco Expedition Laguna Capitan Final part!

3rd July

This was the group’s final day at Laguna Capitan. The trip had been a success with over thirty birds being caught in the nets and processed. Saffron Finch and numerous Red crested Finch had featured over the last few days.

A pair of Chotoy Spinetail flirted with the nets on the last morning strategically flying over them several times only allowing them to be caught on camera.

A Straneck’s Tyrannulet was the prize of the mornings mist netting followed by a Crested Hornero. Several snakes had been collected as a result of road-kill with numerous insects photographed during our stay.

The next morning the team would be up at even stupider o clock to make the long trip back to Laguna Blanca!

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