Saturday, 12 November 2016

Beddington Farm - Time to duck!

Heavy rain was forecast for today and although it was not raining when I left home it did not take long before the forecasters got it right.

The tin hut at Beddington Farm is what it would say on the tin and is situated in the SW corner of the N Lake. It allows keyholders sanctuary from the elements providing there is not a N or NE gale blowing or worse rain with that!

I was the only one on site at stupid o clock this morning I guess that should have told me something! Nick “Pyro” Gardner doubled the numbers for a couple of hours later in the morning! The gulls were numerous as was to be expected but the landfill closes at around mid-day so the feeding frenzy would be short today! A Yellow-legged Gull was incidentally was to be the most interesting gull of the mornings watch!

I have been spoilt over the last few months with good light even on cloudy days at Laguna Blanca and it was time to put the new lens to the test on a typical English winter’s day! The ducks were to be the days focus and any that ventured near to the hide were fair game in my book!

There seemed to be a fair bit of movement on their part too with small groups busily circling the lake looking to find a landing space between the gulls resting on the water.  A Dunlin had an aggressive reaction from the gulls as it whizzed around the lake at low level before giving up any hope of making a landing departing over the landfill E.

Tufted, Pochard, Mallard, Teal, Shoveler, Gadwall and Wigeon were all present in small numbers on the lake. None seemed too bothered about the conditions above but it was good weather for ducks!! A Water Rail had more to say on the subject as it squealed in front of the hide. A Cetti’s Warbler piped up as if to tell the bird to quieten down as it was trying to rest!

I will be stood in a different kind of hut this afternoon as the U’s take on Barrow in the National Conference!

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