Sunday, 20 November 2016

Essex - Their Tern to pay it a visit!

The last week has been quiet for most part. I have spent a few mornings at the Farm, taken a walk around Holmethorpe with very little on the rarity front to show for my efforts. I had been toying with the idea of renewing my RareBirdAlert (RBA) subscription and finally succumbed to that temptation! This I knew would be a bad move, not because RBA don’t provide a first rate service but it meant I would start looking beyond the boundaries of Surrey Vice County (SVC).

I think it took precisely two days of membership and a Forster’s Tern was found and photographed at Mistley Essex. This journey is a couple of hours drive for me so I began watching RBA website for developments. I do not consider myself much of a twitcher these days but this bird did catch my attention!

I was on the road at around mid-day having convinced myself the bird was there to stay for the day! The journey was straight forward with only a few moments pondering if the bird would still be there when I arrived! I found the group of birders that were staked out along the quay but had missed the bird by some 20mins. At least it was still here and the tide was on its way in which would mean a movement of birds from the sinking banks of exposed sand/mud.

I stood fast and scanned the area noting the antics of the island hopping Black-tailed Godwits. Turnstone had to be wary as a misplaced leg might force it to regurgitate what it had recently consumed! Redshank were also scattered in amongst this small mass. Goldeneye and Shelduck and a sizeable group of Mute Swan accompanied a scattering of gulls. A Kingfisher was also busy navigating the channel closest to the quay wall.

The Forster’s Tern appeared but took me a while to get onto the bird. Then came the tricky bit getting a picture in poor light which was fading fast! The tern did fly around for a short while giving me good views of it and of course some sort of a picture!

 The journey home was as easy with the Chelsea game on Five Live! Happy days! 

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