Friday, 11 November 2016

Surrey VC - A Walk in the Park!

I have been home for just over a week now and I have not been out on the birding trail that often. Beddington Farm is very quiet apart from the growing monster of an incinerator in the NE corner of the site. The gulls are as numerous as ever but I guess these days are now numbered at the Farm. A Caspian Gull and a Yellow Legged Gull were found by Devilbirder during the course of the mornings birding. The Dartford Warbler is still present on site along with a few Wigeon. The lake is rising at a rate of knots after the rain so there is always hope of a sawbill or a rarer duck visiting the lake and staying!

Today I took a walk through Perretts Field and saw a lone Common Gull stood on the freshly cut grass. It looked as lost as I felt as it looked around the empty field!

I caught a few shots of a Herring Gull as it passed overhead but gulls are common place in the area as they commute to and from Beddington Farm where the dining is substantially more lucrative!

There were a few Magpies Robin, Corvids, and House Sparrow but not much else. Sears Park was just as quiet but the walk was pleasant on a slightly fresh sunny day!

Surrey Vice County has had a trickle of interesting birds in the last few days Cranes over Wisley, Whooper Swans at Tice’s (SVC tick for me!) and White- fronted Geese at Send. I have just got to keep my eyes on the weather and put myself in the right place. More rain tomorrow but will it turn up another rarity in the county !

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