Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Laguna Blanca - Saludo a los aves de Laguna Blanca!!

I had finished my survey in the Cerrado which produced Egrets, Brazilian Teal which had a White Cheeked Pintail in tow on its flooded Campo Limpio. I heard a Surucua Trogon calling near the museum and made my way in an attempt to finally get a decent shot of it!

The bird was proving elusive hidden in the top third of the tree but it was still calling so it would be only a matter of time before it was caught on camera. The bird a male took small flights from tree to tree and then came to rest near the Volunteer house where it remained long enough to secure the moment!

This species is resident on the reserve but is very difficult to find. They have just started calling and therefore have been easier to locate. The bird looked down at me as if in tribute as I would be leaving the reserve to head home.

This has been a fantastic seven months which has flown by as I have gone in search of my feathered friends. Thanks to Para La Tierra and Paul Smith for their guidance. I recorded 198 species on the reserve with a couple of species that I missed. Nine new species were recorded on the reserve. I recorded 50 new birds for my Paraguay list (including San Rafael and the Chaco) and saw 76 life birds whilst in South America (week at Los Volcanes Bolivia and Buenos Aires). I hope Laguna Blanca survives the storm so that I can return to marvel in its glory once again! 

Saludo a los aves de Laguna Blanca!! 

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