Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Laguna Blanca - Hummers in the nets!

I began mist netting in the Transitional Forest along the Arroyito trail which is situated behind the house and have recently moved into the Cerrado at the NW end of the old airfield.

A family of birds I had reservations about when removing them from the nets was the hummingbird. These delicate birds require extra care and attention which includes carrying a vile of sugar water with me in case such a bird requires an energy boost once processed.

To date there have been two species caught in the nets Glittering-bellied Emerald and Gilded Sapphire and both have been incredibly easy to take out of the nets. Handling them has also been easier than I expected after a lesson from Jeremy in the correct techniques. These birds just wait patiently and certainly do not try to lance me with their pointed beaks.

As a result I can marvel at these enchanting tiny creatures with their multitude of hidden colours when viewed in the hand. I have not had to offer the vile as both species have been alert on release and have whizzed off moving their wings at an incredible rate of knots.

The hummingbirds have joined my short list of favourite family groups after the Owls naturally!

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