Saturday, 16 July 2016

Laguna Blanca - Storms shake the skies!

This time the storm hit Laguna Blanca and continued throughout the night and as a result the nets were not opened this morning. Instead I took a walk around the lagoon and through to the Seasonal Pond which is rapidly shrinking despite the rain!

As I walked into the small clearing I disturbed three Black-crowned Night Heron who sought refuge in the trees on the far side of the pond.

The Masked Duck were still present and I then heard Grey-necked Wood-Rail calling away to my right. After sneaking through the vegetation I waited behind a tree for the birds to re-appear. There were three in total and there seemed to be a battle over territory going on with one bird chasing another around the water’s edge. Once the commotion had stopped I seized my opportunity and took some pictures as one of the birds approached me.


There has been more movement in the skies after more rain and plummeting temperatures around Laguna Blanca. A Long Winged Harrier juv/fem and five Pied-billed Grebe have arrived at the lagoon. Five White Woodpecker and the Masked Duck is still on the Seasonal Pond!

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