Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Laguna Blanca - Motmot caught on camera!


The team had spent time preparing equipment for a trip to the Chaco which was leaving the next morning but I had time to complete a survey of the Transitional Forest before departure. This would add a new bird for my Laguna Blanca year list in the form of a very shy Rufous capped Motmot. This bird was noted along the Arroyito trail behind the stream. This species is present in this and the Atlantic Forest but is seldom seen.

The remainder of the survey was pretty uneventful apart from the presence of mystery bird along the route named voice 4. I had managed to creep into the undergrowth and get within a few metres of one bird but my birding friend Lobo appeared from nowhere obviously excited at finally getting a chance at seeing this species and flushed it from the area! After a few seconds I had to chuckle at his oblivious happy face at finding me in the scrub!

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