Saturday, 9 July 2016

Paraguay Chaco Expedition Laguna Capitan Part 3

1st July

My only other life bird for this trip a Giant Antshrike would be seen today. It was a female with its splendid rufous brown upperparts white front and a striking red eye. I would have to wait another day to see the male which was caught in the mist nets.

A Dull coloured Grassquit found the net which provided a good opportunity to study its plumage and take metamorphic data from. This species was also a new bird for my Paraguay list having seen this species in Libano Colombia in 2010.

A White crested Tyrannulet was the last of the Paraguay ticks of the day. Eleven birds had been caught in the nets including Red crested Finch, Picui Ground Dove, Sooty fronted Spinetail, Narrow billed Woodcreeper, Many coloured Chaco Finch and Black Capped Warbling Finch.

An evening walk down to the pans produced a Black Skimmer a group of Nacunda Nighthawks that were feasting on the swarms of insects.

A Jabiru seemed undisturbed by my presence stopping briefly as it walked slowly across the shallow water. I never tire of seeing this magnificent bird which is more impressive as it takes flight.

A Southern Screamer closed the days birding and all that was left was to get back to the accommodation block without being eaten alive by the flying insects!

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