Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Laguna Blanca - Mist netting in the Cerrado!

The nets were moved yesterday from the Transitional Forest into the Cerrado with the help of Jorge and his net moving magic!

We cut two sets of runs the first at the NW end of the airfield and the second at the SW side of the airfield. Both areas were Sensu Strictu Cerrado which is a mix of scattered tall trees and low scrub. The area beyond the nets was flooded Campo Limpio which is tall grassland with Cerradon trees and high shrubs and bushes on the other side. This area looked perfect for birds to funnel through the Sensu Strictu into other areas of Cerrado.

The first morning produced six bird’s two pairs of Rusty-backed Antwren who rarely feature on my Cerrado bird surveys keeping low in the scrub rarely calling. This species is seen more often during my Transitional Forest survey close to where the Mboijaguar trail divides the Cerrado and the transitional Forest.

A Narrow-billed Woodcreeper gave itself up to Net 2 and seemed very relaxed as it was removed from the net and taken to the picnic table where I had set up the morning’s operations. It did however quietly leave its mark as I held it in my hand!!

The last of three birds in Net 2 was a very lively Shrike-like Tanager which is one of the Laguna Blanca Cerrado specials. This species moves around the Cerrado in small groups and is very vocal to any kind of intruder taking up positions on exposed branches to maximise their presence.

The morning had finished with both nets taking three birds each and with the sun making its presence known the nets were closed at 1030hrs.

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