Thursday, 4 April 2013

Terning around!


The storm had cleared but rain clouds were lingering. It was time to venture out with Joe and Sjouke onto Nightjar land to see what goes on during daylight hours! The area is very sandy and the rain had turned some areas into quick sand! Skilful driving from Joe prevented the truck sinking in the mire! Good job Joe!

The first bird on Nightjar land was a Toco Toucan I was some distance away from Joe and Sjouke and called the bird which entered Sjouke’s book of woo hoo’s! The morning was interspersed with showers which may have explained the lack of activity in the grassy areas. The lack of seedeaters was surprising though! 

Two Cerrado specials made an appearance the White-rumped Tanager and the White-banded Tanager! I stood myself right next to a Burrowing Owl whilst looking at the mixture of the Cerrado specials. I am not sure who was more suprised!
(Burrowing Owl)
After lunch it was Lagoon watch. I was convinced something would pass over as it re-orientates itself as a result of the storms. Sjouke joined me lagoon side and it was not long before he called two terns. The scope sprang into action and Yellow-billed Tern were observed before they made a hasty exit NE. Ashy-throated Swift were next to appear heading rapidly NW.

The reason for the hurry was revealed in the form of heavy rain clouds which threatened to swallow up anything in their path! It did not rain until much later though!

The weather was good enough in the evening to go out looking for Scissor-tailed Nightjar but there were a distinct lack of nightjars around with only a Little Nightjar located on the way back to camp. Potoo and Burrowing owls were seen and plenty of bats hawking insects.

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