Sunday, 21 April 2013

Snakes Alive!!

The last few days have had consistent weather, cloudless skies with warm sunny days. These are not always ideal birding conditions as migrants make their journey to their wintering grounds.

Sjouke and I have been out carrying out surveys in the Cerrado and Plantations but there have not been any unusual sightings.  I have added one species to my trip list a Red winged Nothura which was disturbed at Nightjar land as we walked onto the old river bed which is now grassland.

Friday afternoon we had a treasure hunt where Sean and I teamed up against Sjouke Vikki and Annie in a quest to recover items the monkeys had removed whilst raiding the house! The competition was set by Helen and Becca and was a great team building exercise with a bit of skull-duggery thrown in! Sean and I bumped into a Bothrops whilst searching for a clue. This is the most deadly snake in Paraguay and it was not even phased by our presence. More evidence which shows if you leave them alone they will go about their daily business undisturbed!
The evening turned into a murder mystery challenge whereby everyone drew a name a weapon and a place where you had to commit the murder. I was killed off this morning by Sjouke with “Lobo!” in the bathroom! I didn’t see that one coming or the fact Sjouke was carrying the dog as he tapped me on the shoulder to indicate my demise!

Whilst out Saturday afternoon in the Sensu Strictu Cerrado I finally nailed a picture of the Flavescent Warbler which has proved to be a very difficult challenge in itself!
(Flavescent Warbler)

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